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About Raquel

From Then to Now...

Raquel has been fascinated with photography since she was a child. Growing up in the 90’s, she was constantly asking her mom for CVS disposable cameras and sneakily borrowing her late grandfather’s Fujifilm camera (which she would get in trouble for using because it was expensive!) Her interest in photos and art certainly stuck throughout her childhood to her early college years.

This is when she took her first formal digital photography class at Prince George’s Community College. She was able to take multiple photography courses while attending PGCC and won multiple student show awards in the Digital Photography & Abstract Photography sections. It was during that time when she realized that her knack for composition, lighting, and subject to environment relation in photography could really take far.

After graduation, her studies at The University of Maryland College Park began. After her first semester at Maryland, their photography program had been absolved to focus on the University’s sports endeavors. She then concentrated on her love for fine arts; particularly acrylic painting. 

After graduating from Maryland, she was at a crossroads and was unable to answer the difficult question of how to go about pursuing her artistic passions. Was she to pursuing painting or commit to picking up where she left off with photography? It was an answer that did not come easy but through the help and support of her best friend, and fellow artist Jocelyn Short, she was able to eventually clearly see what she was meant to do. 

The purpose of Raquel’s photography is to capture life’s beautiful moments, the ones that we all sometimes take for granted. Ultimately, she wants to help people to enjoy their day, smile, and be able to look back at their memories with complete satisfaction and joy! 

With Love & Gratitude

“I truly cannot express how amazing I feel to have the privilege to have a community of supportive friends, clients, and mentors who motivate me literally every single day of my life to follow my passion, to do what I love, and to settle for nothing less. The opportunities I have had in the photography world are unreal to me and I appreciate every single morsel of knowledge, support, and love I receive from my circle…you know who you are! You all inspire me and fuel me to push myself to limits that I would not be able to cross if it wasn’t for you. A very special thank you to JeanPaul for always believing in me and my dreams! From the bottom of my heart, Thank You & lets keep making magic!

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